Portable toilets in Shropshire. Hire from £12 per week

Toilet servicing

At Space Mobiles our dedicated drivers have years of professional cleaning experience, assuring you that you will received the best level of service when you need it. We also have invested in bespoke software which means we have real time servicing reports & appraisals for viewing and inspection within minutes of the service taking place.

Quality servicing from as little as £20 per week makes us one of the best value for money toilet hires on the market. 

Our fleet of service vehicles allows for long-term and short term hire servicing, including weekend service for any events and functions.

Our four step hit list makes sure you get the service every time without fail.

  • Step 1 Your toilet is fully cleaned and serviced through our extensive process including a full disinfectant, A-grade clean and full replenishment with any toiletries and paper towels re-stocked.

  • Step 2 Your driver will audit the cleaning process examining any missing steps and will go through an extensive checklist to ensure your toilet is ready before sending their audit to us to examine.

  • Step 3 The driver's audit is sent to us which follows an extensive review to ensure the toilet is clean and ready, if we are happy with the driver's job the service will be marked as complete.

  • Step 4 For peace of mind, all drivers audits are visible for examination and if for whatever reason aren't happy with anything done our friendly customer support team is on hand to discuss any issues and resolve them to your satisfaction.

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