Portable toilets in Shropshire. Hire from £10 per week

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Along with our event specific range of toilets we also offer toilets for construction hire and with prices starting from as little as £10 per week, making us the leaders in affordability without compromising reliability and ease of service.

Through constant communication with our partners in the construction industry, we have been able to understand our customers needs and tailor our product plans and services to your specifications ensuring that our customers always come back. This communication has also allowed us to develop our newest product, a mobile welfare unit which is perfect for construction sites and creates a ‘home away from home’, with full amenities including;

  • Hot water
  • Full kitchen amenities (sink, kettle etc,)
  • Seating to accommodate up to 4 people at a time
  • Warm room for drying

This newest addition to our growing fleet has been an instant hit with our customers, spearheading an influx of glowing reviews from happy customers who have appreciated the unique design which allows for a more comfortable construction site experience. With a dedicated team of drivers and enough trucks to carry dinosaurs, don’t be fooled by their size, we can easily carry these units to any location you may need them, especially with them already seeing action from as far out as Madeley to Market Drayton.


From Ellie Goulding to the chaser himself, Mark Labbett, Herefordshire is full of history and so much excitement. It wasn’t too long ago now we starting our first jobs in Herefordshire, meeting clients and showing them previous work done. This level of service has never changed, from a 1 week to 10 week hire we will treat every customer the same and ensure they get the levels of customer service they want and deserve. This commitment to quality is our core principal and every employee from our drivers to directors ensure that this level of customer service is paramount in every conversation you have with us.


We have been hosting events in around Herefordshire for a long time now, and has become a second home to us from weekly construction work in Leominster to festivals in Ledbury, we have done it all and we look forward to more work and more opportunities to meet new people and grow our business even more.

What’s on?

  • Lakefest 2021

    A summer music festival, set for its tenth year, perfect for the whole family. Featuring multiple stages, programmed with both new and established acts. All set in the most beautiful of surroundings at the foot of the Malvern Hills. With acts such as Tom Jones himself (crazy we know), this is something that cannot be missed.

  • Rock the Barn Festival 2021

    Great music, food and a charitable cause. What else do you need this summer. Another one of our personal favourites, the Rock the Barn Festival, is the essence of summer and with local food on offer this is one festival you foodie-fans CANNOT MISS.

  • Bromyard Folk Festival

    if you haven’t got the hint already, we LOVE folk music. We love working in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas as we know we are never a foot away from folk music. One of the main driving forces behind our move into portable toilets was the potential to go to such amazing festivals and listen to such amazing music!

  • Hereford May Fair

    Stripping it back to the basics with heart stopping rides, side-shows, food stalls and ancient ceremonies are all part of the street extravaganza which is Hereford’s May Fair. You’ll find it all at Hereford’s hub for entertainment this summer. You’ll regularly find our team at these events either soaking in the sun or enjoying the food, this is one of our go to destinations (just look for the green polos).

  • And many more!!!

    We are so excited to be able to host events in Herefordshire, and provide your portable toilet hire, it’s such an honour and privilege to get to meet so many people and witness the best that Herefordshire has to offer.

    So, if you’re looking for a portable toilet hire this summer for an event or project, give us a call or leave an enquiry, we’d be more than happy to get back to you and show you what we can do for your event.

Stay safe Herefordshire!