Winter toilet hire

Winter toilet hire

Staying safe this winter

The leaves begin to fall, the days get shorter and the weather becomes worse yet the sounds of construction never stop. After all those homes aren’t going to build themselves!

We know the importance of a safe construction site, during these times more than others, and that’s why we have spent the summer working with key clients from large to big, to understand better what faces you this winter.

Through these talks we have been able to optimise our service so it is even better than before, we have been able to work with key clients to ensure a more rounded service when cleaning the toilets using new state of the art cleaning technologies that are better for you, your workers and any guests. We have also brought in a new service vehicle, this was a result of key customer talks and understanding the importance of on time delivery. Our new truck means we are as efficient as ever before and can ensure you get your toilet when you need it.

The new truck coupled with a new contract with our logistic partner means we can service even further than before! We are now offering exclusive routes as far as Birmingham to Oswestry, with industry competitive rates you won’t find elsewhere.

This Christmas we understand the importance of sanitation, cleanliness and the morale of your workers. That’s why we are working with clients to ensure your staff are happy on the sites they work on by providing excellence and efficiency in service, while keeping prices as competitive as before, with toilet hire starting from as little as £10 per week!

Interested in toilet hire, or just shopping around for a no obligation quote, give our friendly team a call and we can give you a no obligation, no hassle quote in less than 5 minutes, what have you got to lose?