What to look for in a portable toilet

What to look for in a portable toilet

A quick guide on the importance of picking the right supplier

To the non-seasoned eye it may just be a toilet, somewhere to relax, get away or recuperate after an hour of non-stop drinking, but to us with years of experience it’s not just a toilet and when choosing your next supplier you need to understand what to look for to ensure your event runs smoothly without unnecessarily breaking the bank. That’s why with the help of our team we have created a list of key factors to consider when choosing your next toilet supplier;



The big one, when planning a large event or running a construction site, we understand that the least you want to be worrying about is the costs of the hire, especially as over time and quantity the cost can really pile up. When pricing a toilet all companies work differently, calculating their costs on variables such as time of the year, hire duration, quality and other smaller overheads.

Here at Space Mobiles, we try to create as much transparency as possible, making it clear to the customer what we charge and why we charge it. Our costs are dependent on the duration of the hire, quantity required, and the type of toilet needed, to cover our overheads while allowing us to still offer free delivery and keep future costs down and remain stable with our pricing. We look to be as honest as possible with our prices which is why our customers have constantly hailed us as ‘great value for money’. As a company we strive for consistency and trust (as much as great value for money, which is why when we’ve added new services and features to the product offered, we have kept the price the same, spearheading our value for money which has only gone up since first incorporation. By proposing route day deliveries, expanding our fleet and keeping our overheads down we have been able to keep our prices at as little as £10 per week, making us the leaders in affordability, without compromising on quality.



When running your event, you want to be sure everything will arrive on time, that’s why reliability has been our core business staple, after all we know how annoying it can be waiting for something to arrive when your time is important. This is why we ensure that you get the reliability and on time delivery that you asked for and most importantly deserve.

Through working with industry leaders, logistic managers and our drivers, we have been able to create optimal routes which allow for on-time delivery without the hassle. Reliability is as important, and our commitment to consistency ensures that all drivers are well versed in the routes they run.

When choosing your toilet hire having the confidence that you’ll get your toilet when you need it is so important, and when combined with the stresses of event or project planning, not having the confidence in your supplier can be scary at the best of times. When working with our key clients we look at things from their perspective, understanding their fears and looking to minimise that as much as possible.

To provide that reassurance wherever possible, we’ll start with an order confirmation email from one of our team or your own account manager. We’ll also put you in touch with our company drivers (if you so require), they’ll try their best to provide you with clear and concise updates regarding your delivery to ease your worries while you can be sure with their years of experience servicing and delivering to the counties of England and Wales that they’ll arrive (and try their best to not get lost).


Customer Support

We also know how important it is to be able to contact our team when you need them, that’s why from first point of contact to final billing, we’ll provide you with an individual account manager who will be well versed with your order and driver details, allowing in-depth responses and answers when you need them. Our account managers have years of experience in customer support, working their way through our team, creating a greater understanding of our clients and their problems.

If they can’t answer your questions our team of drivers are connected to a concise communication network where they’ll be able to answer any questions by relaying any responses through the account managers, by creating a link between our team we are able to provide useful responses to any questions you may have while creating greater reassurance when choosing Space Mobiles.

What makes Space Mobiles special is our unique support system and account manager team, they’ll be ready all day for any questions you may have, and from the first drop off at 7 in the morning to 5 at night they are in the office ready to respond and help where possible. Such a service is unique to our industry, and we’ve strived to ensure our customers are always happy, allowing us to provide transparency and trust where possible.

Besides the 3 main indicators, there are many more things to look for when choosing your next toilet supplier; availability, location, and other variables such as size are equally important, and when choosing your next supplier you should only choose a supplier you are confident will provide you with the best level of service while catering to your individual needs, after all, one glove does not fit all.

So, if you need a toilet for an upcoming event, project, or construction, please give us a call on 01746 712602, we’d love to help you out and see what we can do for you, after all, it’s the least we could do.

Thank you.

- The Space Mobile Team