Welfare units & space mobiles

Welfare units & space mobiles

When choosing welfare units, we are your guys!

We understand that a site isn’t a site until you have a kettle, sink and a couch for any weary worker. Our new range of specially designed welfare units have been developed by listening to our customers key feedback and understanding what they want on their sites. These welfare units make anywhere as homely as needed and are the perfect complement to any construction site. With a fully insulated wash room, sitting area and a kitchen with full amenities your site will be ready to go within minutes, now we aren’t saying you’ll be able to cook a full three course dinner but these kitchens are pot noodle and PG tip friendly, so there’ll be no stressing over a lack of tea and biscuits. 

When running a successful construction site, we understand that employee morale is king, and a wet worked is by no means a happy worker, that’s why our carefully designed washroom allows for any clothes (as wet as can be) to fully clean, dry and be ready for work, that means less wet and more work.

Reliability and fair price

Want to know you’ll be getting your toilet in time? Is a fair and affordable price important? Do you want a dedicated customer support team and account manager? At Space Mobiles you’ll get that and some, see through our 30 years of trading and toilet hire we have understood what is important more than anyone. See we could promote the fact that our toilets have a NASA grade flushing system or that the welfare unit microwaves were designed by Michelin star chefs, but they weren’t and we won’t because we know you don’t care about that and we don’t either, what you do care about is the reassurance you’ll get the toilet when you need it and our fleet of drivers and dedicated customer service teams ensures this will always be the case.

We’re also committed to providing fair prices, and our pricing system ensures that our toilets and welfare units are priced more than competitively. We ensure that your site runs as smoothly as possible, while keeping prices down.

Why Space Mobiles?

If you weren’t already sold on us yet, we’re here to remind you why we are trusted time and time again by clients; renovating lofts to yearlong construction projects.

  • Industries lowest prices and highest value for money,
  • reliability, consistency and professionalism, when you need and deserve it.
  • quality toilets time and time again,
  • incredible customer service. From your dedicated account manager to the drivers on the road, at Space Mobiles we understand that just because the toilet stinks, doesn’t mean the customer service has to as well.

So, from a morning brew to the afternoon flush, Space Mobiles are here to ensure that you get the service you deserve and with the industries best value for money and fairest prices, why wouldn’t you choose us, after all we are the UK’s leading portable toilet hire with a range of welfare units that will turn any construction site to a construction home.