Welfare unit hire

Welfare unit hire

Your guide to welfare units and their place in construction


Along with a range of construction ready, affordable portable toilets, we are excited to announce our range of mobile welfare units, combining comfort and efficiency to provide a greater experience on your construction site.

So, what makes our welfare units so special? Well for starters they come with a convenient space, ready for up to 6 workers, with room to sit, relax and unwind. The kitchen facility can provide your workers with hot drinks and a space to cook any food with our high-powered microwave. With enough space, our welfare units are perfect for lunch breaks and give workers a space to get away from the cold, and step into convenience. Current and existing customers have praised their attention to detail and the little things such as fully lockable features, allowing safety on site.

Why get a portable toilet, when you can get a toilet and some! Our welfare units come fully fitted with a portable toilet, killing 2 birds with 1 stone, and creating a fully integrated resting space for you and your team. Like our line of portable toilets, the groundhog unit has been developed to combine comfort, convenience and affordability to allow your staff to get away and relax. Many of our customers have praised the welfare units and agree that having a welfare unit on site is good for morale, efficiency and is a great addition to any site, no matter how big or small.

So, you’re sold? Brilliant, now why should you choose Space Mobiles as your groundhog unit provider? Well, with 20+ years of experience in the waste management sector, unparalleled customer service, attention to details and more than competitive pricing, we have been chosen by our customers up and down the counties of England and Wales, consistently. So, find out why we are chosen time and time again, give us a quick call, there’s no obligation whatsoever and you may just find your workers smiling a whole lot more.