Quality in the little things

Quality in the little things

Ensuring quality, ensuring happiness.

You wouldn’t want a dirty toilet, so why would your guests? Here at Space Mobiles we ask ourselves this question a lot, see when a driver cleans a toilet, we remind them to ask themselves that question, “would you happily use this yourself”? Usually the answer is yes (our toilets are pretty clean we won’t lie), such question has spearheaded our way of thinking and working, reminding everyone on the team of our core values and the core way of doing business, are you really happy with the work you have done, after all would a baker make a cake they wouldn’t eat themselves?

All of our toilet servicing follows that principle, the argument that for a driver to be fully satisfied with the job they have done, they must be in a position, of no bias to agree that the job they have done is satisfactory to their own standards, and we could say this has worked. Customers up and down the country are consistently praising the cleanliness and attention to detail we embark on when cleaning your toilets, which all goes back to the core policy that we would only clean a toilet to the highest level of standard, expected by even the pickiest of us.

We act as if every toilet, cleaned, serviced and delivered is for our use, allowing us to take a deeper look into the practices we work by, these practices have been developed to ensure that all of our toilets are of the highest standard. When servicing, our drivers use a network of reports and checklists to ensure they complete a job not to their own standard but our company standards, by viewing the reports in real time we ensure that the toilets are ready for you and your customers, no matter what!

Every toilet is treated the same, with care, compassion and a commitment to cleaning that our drivers have developed by working and communicating with our customers to understand their needs and create working relationships that revolve around fairness and a trust that we will always meet your requirements, no matter the event, festival or construction site, we’re there.