Looking back.

Looking back.

Summer of space - a retrospective

As we look back on what has been a brilliant summer for us here at Space Mobiles, we take time to reflect. It really has been a crazy period with many new and existing clients trusting us to help with their event toilet planning. We have really been up to our knees with work, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic delaying many of your events, it’s been nice to catch up with existing customers who unfortunately had to postpone previous events.

It’s also been refreshing to meet so many new customers, events that have been created from the ashes of the pandemic, which has spearheaded and reignited the fuel of party go-ers to escape the boredom that has persisted us the last year or so. We have loved meeting these new people and more importantly have loved witnessing new events taking place and building themselves up from obscurity to fan favourites.

As the sun begins to disappear more and more, and events begin to close up and prepare for next year, here at Space we have been given a refreshing chance to relax and put our feet up (albeit only for a few minutes) and look back on the summer and what it has done for our company and us.

We have been fortunate enough that through this we have been able to expand our team, bringing in a new driver, logistics manager and marketing executive, helping us grow while also giving us an opportunity to increase the services offered. With our new logistics manager and driver, we have been able to service routes never worked with before, and through an ease in workload, this summer has coincidently been our most busy to date. We have been able to service as far as Stoke through our new logistic manager, who has helped us discover new routes and ways of working, helping us reach what had been believed as an impossible route.

Our new marketing executive has helped us reach new customers and through their customer experience and intense training, has been able to work alongside key clients as a personal account manager, something which in the past hadn’t been available to all customers, but now is!

So, as we look back we’d like to take a chance to thank everyone who has chosen us this summer. From the festivals, to garden parties, from big to small, from basics to disabled’s, we cannot thank you enough for your support and trusting us, we hope we did you proud!