How we work, to help you work

How we work, to help you work

How we work, to help you work

A toilet is just a toilet, right? Wrong! See here att Space Mobiles we consistently strive to ensure that we go above and beyond with even the simplest of services. After all, why do the bare minimum when you can strive for greatness.

All of our toilets come with a dedicated account manager, supporting you from first contact to final delivery, such a feature has been adored by past and current customers, with everyone praising the reassurance provided in knowing you will always have someone in your corner, providing updates and sorting out any unforeseen problems (not that we have any). Your account manager will have you back and will provide you with an initial order confirmation and provide up-to date driver updates (if so required). Our account manager will turn a good service into a great one and this is because we understand that just because it’s a toilet doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent.

As well as providing around the clock customer service we also ensure reliability is paramount in any delivery or service, this means getting your toilet on time ALWAYS. This means striving for excellence in the recruitment of our drivers and logistic managers to ensure we are using the optimum routes and striving for the upmost efficiency in our transport hubs. By working towards a common goal of quality our team works together to create better quality for you with your projects or sites not needing to be delayed or cancelled due to lack of toilet facilities.

Excellence also means being completely transparent with our customers and any order placed through us will use fair and honest pricing systems to ensure you get the value for money deserved. Our team will always be honest on the phone regarding quantity of toilets and toilet pricing. One of the ways we are growing our relationship with key customers and creating trust in our local communities by creating a better understanding with our customers as to their needs and wants.

Such excellence has helped us grow into the company we are today, and helped us create greater value for our customers up and down the counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Mid-Wales and more!

So, give us a call, we’ll show you why it’s never just a toilet and with our recently updated fair price guarantee we can ensure the lowest prices with our toilet hire starting from as little as £10 per week including free delivery and collection.

Stay safe!