Toilet quantity recommendations

Toilet quantity recommendations

Keeping your guests happy and costs down, one step at a time.

We understand that when planning your event the least you want to worry about is the quantity of toilets needed to cater to your guests, that’s why here at Space Mobiles we have spent time working with our logistic managers, drivers and past customers to get a better understanding of the needs of our customer and what they require in terms of quantity.

We also understand that planning an event or project can be expensive and to that extent you want to keep unnecessary costs down where possible, which has spearheaded our fairness in business practices, which looks to ensure that we treat all customers with fairness, respect and ensure a level of professionalism is matched at all times. We’ll also be completely honest with you at all times from first call to final billing, after all we were once customers like you and know and value the importance of trust in a healthy relationship.

When talking to our team we will spend time to understand your requirements and help tailor plan your project to ensure you get the service you and quantity you need for the smooth running of your event. This is why we’ll never under deliver or over deliver on toilets and be completely honest with you, taking a non-selfish view at all times when quoting you and recommending services required.

We strive for realism as much as honesty and to that extent we’ll also ensure you get the number of toilets you need for the successful running of your project. Through years of experience and dealing with industry specialists we have been able to create an expertise and knowledge to ensure you get the best number needed. See, unlike other organisations we don’t use an uncalculated calculator, and instead we listen to you, understand your requirements and make a fair and honest assessment of what you need, after all one glove does not fit all.

When considering the number of toilets needed, we look at a number of variables, the most important 3 being;

  • number of guests,
  • need for toilets,
  • duration

These variables have a large impact on the quantity we will recommend, with the number of guests giving us a rough number of people of toilets, the duration helping us understand how many times the toilet will be used and the need for the toilets (event, construction, festival etc.) helping us understand if any factors such as alcohol (or bacon sarnies) will factor in to the number of toilets needed.

After considering these factors, consulting with our logistic managers and talking to you about your requirements we will always give you a fair and honest assessment and will be totally honest in all of our recommendations to you.

So, are you planning and event or project and are unsure about the number of toilets needed? Then give us a call on 01746 712602 or send us an enquiry, our team of customer support staff with assistance from the logistic managers will always provide you with a fair and honest answer.