Events & Space Mobiles

Events & Space Mobiles

Planning your event with Space Mobiles

Arranging a festival or medium sized event? Worried that other companies won’t fulfil your requirements? Is it difficult trying to keep all the costs down? Don’t worry, we may be able to help. See here at Space Mobiles we have 30+ years catering to festivals and events from Hereford to Bromsgrove and with that have developed a service from drop off to collection that will leave you feeling happy and reassured.


Our team have developed a package of units that can compliment any event from a music festival to a foodies heaven. This has been done by working with past clients, asking them what they want / need from their toilets. By now you’re probably thinking that, “ it’s just a toilet”. Here at Space Mobiles we don’t think that, especially when a dirty or damaged loo can annoy your guests and dampen the festivities.


Our Toilets:

Our fleet of specially designed toilet units have been manufactured looking at industry demands and our customers feedback. Our toilet units with built in sinks allow for a deeper wash and clean, customers can also use the built-in mirror to do their hair (or take a quick snap), ensuring they’re festival ready. Our basic units with built in anti-bacterial soap dispensers ensure that customers can enjoy themselves while staying COVID safe.



Your drivers will be your new best friends. Really they’re amazing! All of our drivers have years of experience in managing events and from that we’ve created a network of information and customer support that will blow your socks off. See they aren’t just there to clean your toilet, or provide recommendations but they’re your first point of contact on the ground and have been taught the 7 commandments of customer service. Through their years of experience they will ensure your toilet meets all of our cleanliness criteria’s while also reassuring your customers in these troubling times.


Customer Support:

From your first call to your post event invoice, our dedicated customer support team are here to ensure you get reliability, support and reassurance when you need and deserve it. See we know how stressful it can be to plan and manage an event, so we’re around the clock ready for any questions and queries you may have. Your account manager will follow you every step of the way and is only a call or email away.

So when you’re planning your next event or festival remember that for quality, reliability and the UK’s most affordable prices, Space Mobiles are here to take your query and tailor design your plan and booking.