A Summer Of Space

A Summer Of Space

A summer of Space Mobiles and the work we've done

As the end of summer beckons, take a look back at some of the work done over our busiest period of the year, take a moment to reflect, and give you an opportunity to join the growing number of customers discovering us for the first time (and not turning back). 

So, what have we been up to this summer? How about we start with the work we haven’t done, see this has been such a busy period for the team with us working non-stop with local and regional event organisers to ensure their events go as expected, events that have unfortunately found themselves delayed as the UK comes out of Coronavirus restrictions. We have worked as far as Birmingham to Knighton, Worcester to Whitchurch and we don’t plan on stopping there, for our team of drivers and logistic managers have been working to ensure we can cater to as many events as possible up and down the counties of England and Wales, meeting as many new people as possible and enjoying the fruits of labor when we get a chance to sit down and enjoy the events we have helped plan.

You may have seen our most recent post where the Space Mobiles team got a rare chance to relax at the Hank Marvin street food festival where we had just dropped off a dozen toilets for the weekend, this is just one of the chances we have had to actually enjoy our summer (when we aren’t working full stop) and reminds us why we work in this industry to help plan events and tick one more thing off the organisers checklist.

Our toilets have seen action across these counties and just recently we have been in discussions to supply a large scale event in Bridgnorth, another happy sight from our team, showing us that our hard work has been appreciated with a fleet of happy reviews and testimonials spearheading our companies forecasted hires over the next few weeks.

It doesn’t stop there, for over the bank holiday we are preparing to work double hours, ensuring our loyal customers get the service they deserve for the busiest weekend of the year, this continued support has driven us to expand our team over the summer, welcoming a new marketing executive as well as two new drivers and a customer support advisor. 

So, give us a call or alternatively send us an enquiry, we’d be more than happy to respond and see what we can do for you and welcome you to our ever-growing family of new customers and clients, finding that just because it’s a toilet, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality.